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In 2020, we hosted the virtual Transport Security Congress with senior-level speakers from 
Transportation Security Administration, Ontario Airport, First Group America, Port of Long Beach and many more, discussing the latest safety and security challenges operators are facing and how they are overcoming them.

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The Transportation Security Administration’s response to the pandemic
Darby LaJoye, Executive Assistant Administrator for Security Operations, TSA

Operational Management of a Smart Airport
Alan Wapner, President, Ontario Airport

Effectively deploying physical security across a vast network
Jason Blumenauer, Vice President of Security, First Group America

Mitigating hacking risks against Port infrastructure such as cranes and drones
Bruce Wynn, Cyber Security Specialist, UK Ministry Of Defence

Trusted Partnerships: The Next Generation of Information Sharing Between Public and Private Industry
John Nolan, Senior Director of Intelligence & Security, Atlas Air

The "Perfect Storm" Aftermath: Transitioning Training into a Digital Learning Journey
Mark Dupont, Executive Director, National/International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy

CISA’s Insights into the Threats Facing Our Nation
Matthew Travis, Deputy Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

21st Century Approach to Security: The Long Beach Civic Centre Complex
Drew Schneider, Assistant Director of Security, Port of Long Beach

Increasing transport security through latest digital technology such as Biometrics
Christopher D Maston, Port Director – Miami International Airport, Customs & Border Protection

COVID-19: Recovery plans and lessons learned
 Janet St. John, Director Cyber Security, Association of American Railroads

Approaching supply chain cyber risks within rail
 Attilio Framarini, Senior Cyber Security Analyst, RTD Denver

How CBTC & detection technologies can increase safety and security
 Scott Belcher, Research Associate, Mineta Transportation Institute

Using data to predict, deter and prevent- Block Chain Technology
 Brandon Thomas, Special Advisor, Central Ohio Transit Authority

Driverless transit and shuttle technology within aviation and maritime
 Joseph Holmes, Sales Director, E asymile